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Lets be honest. We are the truest kind of BFFs. We met at Girls' Camp 1996 in St. Lou, survived high school and 2 years as roommates at BYU. Now, we find ourselves BOTH in NYC, which rocks, and as we contemplated how we should spend quality BFF time together - the answer seemed obvious. We must beebop the boroughs in matching purple hats every Saturday morning. Holla!

Monday, June 8, 2009

29: Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center - woo! We visited this neighborhood in August '08.

Joining us for the walk were guest boppers, Lauren and Amber, old friends and NYC vacationers.

There was massive weirdness in from of NBC Studios. I believe we were supposed to each be a letter of "NBC," but according to this photo we failed miserably.

NBC Studios at Rockefeller Center is home to Saturday Night Live, The Today Show, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. You have to wait in line a ridiculously long time to get tickets to SNL, so I never did it, but I think Megan may have camped out once or twice. She is the adventurous friend.

Underground in the Concourse, Meg sought (and apparently found) inspiration in these figurines. (gag)

Rockefeller Center is famous for it's Art Deco style. One of the most prominent works is Wisdom, by Lee Lawrie (who also did the Atlas statue).

Do you remember when this guy was the face of the $1 U.S. postal stamp? Because for some reason, I do.

The Tree at Rockefeller Center is awesome and horrible. It is awesome for the obvious reasons - it is gigantic, has a bizillion lights, and ignites the spirit of Christmas in all who view it. A Christmas miracle, if you will.

It is horrible because it is a complete nightmare to go see during the holidays. This past holiday season I got stuck in a crowd of people so thick and unruly that the stroller containing my dear infant child was nearly overturned no less that three times. I think I can safely say that I'll never see the Rockefeller Center Tree in person again. And I am okay with that!
Random fact that I remember about this walk - the scrolly news ticker thing above the Today Show studio was announcing Joe Biden as Obama's running-mate that morning.

Also, we had a delicious (and healthy!) breakfast of chocolate milk and chocolate croissants.

More artwork (above the Kenneth Cole store) and awkward posing as the artwork - except that I am confused about how I am supposed to stand.
This is the inescapable advertisement for the "Top of the Rock," the most romantic destination at Rockefeller Center. If you go to the Top of the Rock, you are expected to embrace affectionately. And recieve a marriage proposal. Really! More people get engaged at Top of the Rock than any other location in NYC. Actually, I made that up.

Lauren rode every fountain/statue in the plaza.

Megan fell off of this bench and publicly embarrassed herself. Plus she got a killer bruise. It was real sad.

St. Patrick's Cathedral:
We felt only slightly awkward about walking into these strangers' wedding.

Me and the Atlas.


Meg said...

We are back!! Whoop Whoop to Jill for finally getting one of these up! I miss your face.

Miz Dinah said...

Woot! I was so happy to see a new post. We're going to be visiting New York in July (all the way from the west coast of Canada), so I'm going to revisit your posts to narrow down our sightseeing activities. Thanks for getting it up...er...you know what I mean. :)

martin said...

What a great surprise to see a new post pop up in Bloglines... I miss the tours of NYC. Will you resume them with a buggy ?. Hope so.

scrappysue said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! brings back memories from my trip to the top of the rock - it rocked!!!

Apron Appeal said...

If you are going to pay that much money to have a wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral (assuming they paid a lot of money to have a wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral)...don't you think you'd invite more people? Or is there another reason, other than notoriety to tie the knot in such a place as that?