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Lets be honest. We are the truest kind of BFFs. We met at Girls' Camp 1996 in St. Lou, survived high school and 2 years as roommates at BYU. Now, we find ourselves BOTH in NYC, which rocks, and as we contemplated how we should spend quality BFF time together - the answer seemed obvious. We must beebop the boroughs in matching purple hats every Saturday morning. Holla!

Friday, August 22, 2008

26: 57th Street

Welcome to 57th Street!

We started out at Sutton Place Park, where Megan enjoyed the blinding waterfront view.

The Sutton Parks are a series of five vest-pocket parks along the East River waterfront near Sutton Place. They were featured prominently in Woody Allen’s Manhattan (1979).

The park contains the Wild Boar statue, which is a replica of the bronze wild boar completed in 1634 by Renaissance sculptor Pietro Tacca (1557–1640) that stands in Florence, Italy (it is known as Porcellino). Fun fact: Another notable replica of the boar sat on the desk of President Bill Clinton.

Effingham B. Sutton (1817–1891), after whom the parks/neighborhood were named, was a shipping merchant and entrepreneur, and one of the few prospectors who actually made a fortune during the California Gold Rush of 1849. Around the turn of the century, the waterfront neighborhood became neglected and was infamous for street gangs (most notably, the Dead End Kids). The neighborhood was saved by the arrival of the Vanderbilts and Morgans in 1920, which began the neighborhood’s transformation into a wealthy enclave. Today, the brownstones are still quite swanky.

Had enough history? Good. I don't know any facts about this door, except that it is SWEET. I had to slide my camera through the gate to get a good shot of it. With a door like this, I wonder what the home looks like inside...

This is Riverview Terrace, one of the few private streets in Manhattan.

I have a thing for seeing squat little buildings squeezed between two tall buildings. It makes me happy.

Here I am in front of the High School for Art & Design. Not all that notable, except ...


This is one of the school's windows. I certainly hope there is an elementary school in the building as well. Otherwise, I fear for the future of kids studying art and design here.

Megan posing with one of the many lovely views from 57th Street.

I don't remember what this building is, or why Megan wanted me to look so excited about it.

This is the Fuller Building at 57th & Madison. Completed in 1929, it was the first skyscraper built north of mid-Manhattan. It is 42-stories tall, and considered an Art-Deco treasure. Side note: There are actually two Fuller Buildings in NY - the other is more famous and commonly known as the Flatiron Building.

Meg really liked these mannequin ladies. Remember the movie, Mannequin? It has always freaked me out.

anyone know the name of this sculpture?

We really liked all the clocks outside Tourneau headquarters - Here's a special shoutout to Meg's Nan, who is British, and a pretty cool lady, since Megan is posing under London time.

Megan and the Big 9 at 9 W. 57th Street - there is a yummy restaurant here called Brasserie 8 1/2. I've never actually eaten there (because it costs a small fortune), but I can imagine the deliciousness. Maybe Jared's lawfirm will do an event there and I'll get to go (fingers-crossed).

When in the right mood, Megan will do anything I tell her for a bee-bop photo op. Love it.

Here I am getting jazzy in front of Steinway Hall, home of the uber-famous pianos. Judging from the website, we totally should have gone inside.

Field trip! 57th Street is home to some of my favorite crafty places in the city, like Kate's Paperie. We had to go inside.

ribbon heaven

walls of paper

Megan being dorky

57th Street is also home of the Russian Tea Room. We weren't quite dressed, so we skipped our usual morning tea.

Megan takes every opportunity to make me do a Russian dance (this nearly killed me - I think at this point I was almost 5 months pregnant).

sidenote: Did you know that you are actually not supposed to stick your pinky out when drinking tea? In other pinky factdom, did you know that pinky swears are binding and the original idea was that the person who broke their promise had to cut off their pinky? Wikipedia says it's true!

We neglected to take a full photo of Carnegie Hall, but did get a shot of this pretty stained glass on the sign.

Last stop on this walk was Le Parker Meridian Hotel - it wasn't on the card, but the stop was necessary. There are a couple of really delicious places in Le Parker Meridian - Norma's, fabulous for breakfast/brunch and Burger Joint, a true NY gem. We were jonesin for a milkshake and fries and were devestated to find that Burger Joint is not open pre-lunch. Sad.

We always take visitors to Burger Joint. It is delicious and you feel like you are in on a great NY secret - it is hidden behind a curtain in the hotel lobby.

Remember when we used to post on a weekly basis? For a while there, we were mad-reliable. Thanks to everyone who keeps coming by, and hopefully the regular posting will be back on track soon.

p.s. to Megan - I'm missing the bop!


martin said...

Great to see a bop post. I have been missing them. Hope all is going well for you. Love and hugs from the south of France.

Carla said...

Yea your back! Fun to read your post and to see that you are still crazy together! love Aunt Carla

scrappysue said...

i'd love for you guys to take me to burger joint! great post - nice to see you back!

Unknown said...

good to see ur post again..

Unknown said...

So good to see another boppin good time! I realize this was an older trip, but I'm just glad to know you two are alive a kickin'. I got a little worried - kind of a maternal instinct I've developed for you. Take care and let us hear from you again sooner than later.

Jenaveve said...

I love a tour of NY that includes, "anyone know the name of this sculpture?" Continuing to crack us up in the southern end of Australia. Bee-Bop on!!

Kristen said...

Hey Megan (and nice to meet you, Jill), it's Kristen (Megan's cousin David's wife). Thanks for the fabulous tour through one of my very favorite cities! Having lived in the NYC suburbs for a couple of years before moving here, I fully understand the charm of the city. You guys give a fantastic look at the sites to see--and some I never did. Megan, check us out at www.sunshineinmotion.blogspot.com. We're not nearly as exciting, but we'd love to keep in touch with you!

Lizzie said...

I have just discovered your blog and it is fabulous! I have always wanted to visit New York and as I live in New Zealand which is a very long way from NY I can now get to see all the fantastic sights from home! Looking forward to seeing some more.