What is the deal with this?

Lets be honest. We are the truest kind of BFFs. We met at Girls' Camp 1996 in St. Lou, survived high school and 2 years as roommates at BYU. Now, we find ourselves BOTH in NYC, which rocks, and as we contemplated how we should spend quality BFF time together - the answer seemed obvious. We must beebop the boroughs in matching purple hats every Saturday morning. Holla!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

17: Union Square to Madison Square

This week we welcomed two guest beeboppers: my cousin Jana and her husband Kevin. The weather was out-of-this-world amazing, and we are thinking that the purple hats will soon be packed away for the summer - so enjoy them while they last.

For starters - the "union" in Union Square refers to the union of the old Bowery Road with Broadway in 1831.

Union Square is home to the largest farmers' market in NYC. This is me being super excited about the apple donuts that I just purchased.

While they are no tres leches donut from my beloved Doughnut Plant, they are still quite tasty. Jana and Kevin enjoyed them as well. (just FYI - I have heard from a somewhat reliable source that this farmers' market is also home to the best oatmeal cookie of all times. Thanks for the tip, Evan)

Both Jill and I know no greater joy than finding a good deal. Imagine our excitement when this booth was selling their very best Apple Opportunities for only two dollars a piece!! If anyone has a clue what on earth an Apple Opportunity is - please let us know.

Union Square Park has a bunch of these cute plaque things embedded in the sidewalk. They are almost as cute as Jill.

First - pardon my spandex. Second - there is a full-blown life guard tower in Union Square Park!! The marketing tactics of New York never cease to amuse me. Also - Jill and I are both weenies. Neither of us wanted to climb up the tower for fear we would get in trouble. Is it possible that a lifeguard tower security person would leap out from behind a bush and get angry with us? We are nerds.

Park goers can breathe easy now that a life saving ring hangs right in Union Square. I look bugged. I am not; I am just still nervous that I will get in trouble.

Finally, a picture of Jill! She is standing in front of Metronome - which is a large public piece of art along Union Square south. There is a digital counter of numbers behind Jill's hand. You may wonder what the hey it is counting. I always hoped that it had something to do with Lost - but I never knew its true meaning until several minutes ago when I consulted the omniscient Wikipedia. In some strange way - it represents the time. If you want details - click.

The cousins and I pose with General George Washington. I realize that his face has been cut off, but trust me - it is George.

Welcome Spring!! Yellow daffodils - magnificent. The card also tells us that as we wander the market - we will see New Yorkers at their most cheerful. The card is right again. People were smiling and two strangers even said, "Good morning!" Thank you farmers' market and friendly people.

I believe it has been mentioned before - Jill and I love cheese. LOVE. However - I have a strong aversion to goat cheese. I look calm and chill in this picture, but do not be fooled! I am merely being disgusted by the very thought of goat cheese. I think it tastes like an animal. I would use the word "gamey" but I gag upon speaking it.

Only Jill can capture the nobility that encompasses our nation's sixteenth president.

In the middle of Union Square Park - there is a big statue with cool relief sculpture all the way around the base. Apparently, I am attention starved and felt that I needed to be in every picture. Yes - that is my finger pointing to the statue. I am embarrassed.

This is quite the salesman. First - he is wearing a suit and sitting against a trashcan. Second - his demonstration of his vege-slicer is so efficient and convincing it is almost infomercial-like. Third - and most importantly - he has a thick British accent. I am so much more willing to listen when I am being spoken to in such beautiful English.

This is a little mousy-rat. Well - I suppose this is 2 little mousy-rats.

For those who do not know - Jill is the ultimate athlete. She would modestly deny this, but I promise that it is true. She majored in PE teaching in college, for Pete's sake. And look at that face; it is the face of an outrageously tough cookie. Behind her is Paragon Sports - a large and important sporting goods store.

Jana and I pose in front of a fire station. These little hidden stations are all over in the city - I think they are supremely charming.

That is the Empire State Building behind us. Later that day - Jana, Kevin and I traveled to the top. This is quite a touristy thing to do - and I think it rocks.

Raise it for appearance numero dos of Otto Tootsie Plohound.

This is the wide side of the famous Flatiron building. Jill's arms are outstretched to show just how wide! The Flatiron building is often considered the oldest skyscraper in NYC. It was completed in 1902.

This is the other side. SO SKINNY!!!

This is kind of an amazing building. It appears as if I am about to spin around and sing songs from The Sound of Music.

Holy Hannah - I adore this triangular beauty.

Kevo earned the privilege of posing in front of William H. Seward - as Kev was the only one who had ever heard of the man. Seward was a governor of New York and also the Secretary of State under Presidents Lincoln and Jackson. Kevin looks rather proud of himself and his vast knowledge of useless junk. :) (p.s. we are now in Madison Square Park)

Jill knows better than most that gold bikinis really never ever go out of style.

This is the Shake Shack - a popular little burger and shake place in Madison Square Park. I am giving a little shake by busting a shimmy. Fear not - I am more adept at shimmying than it appears.

This gold-clad man happened by immediately after I finished the shimmy. Jill was quick on her feet and captured this GREAT shot. He seems completely oblivious to the fact that he is wearing a very unattractive outfit.

Even Kevin had never heard of Roscoe Conkling. He was a New York politician but is mostly known for having such a fantastic name.

This is the MetLife building. It is old, tall and has a clock on it.

This building is extremely Greek looking.

Kevin is forever amused by my ridiculousness. I am just very happy to be standing in front of Chester A. Arthur - the 21st president of the United States. This statue reminded me of Chester Copperpot. My fellow beeboppers did not know who that was. Do you?

Jill is sweetly enjoying this statue of David Farragut. He was the first senior officer in the US Navy during the Civil War. AND - his picture on Wikipedia suggests that he also might have had the first comb-over. And in case you had not noticed - Madison Square Park is LOADED with statues.

I kind of like to stand in fountains. It also looks as if I just ended a great gymnastic feat, am cheering support for my alma mater (BYU) OR am at the start of the YMCA dance.



Anonymous said...

Love the blog guys! Meg you are such a 'Goonie', see I know the reference! Well, my skinny niece you look great and sound like you are having a wonderful time in the big apple. Love you guys!

Aunt Carla

Chelsea said...

"Hey you guys".....I love chester copperpot. And by the way I loved that you were wearing spandex- looking good girl!

Carolyn said...

I have seen that building in Movies. Now I know what it is!!!!

Do you guys have purple summer hats??

Another good one....Thanks!


Renée said...

Dear Meg and Jill,
We discovered your blog from Jill's creative blogspot! We love your idea and travels. Our mission here is quite different from yours, but you are doing wonderful things and we are enjoying your travels. Consider bee-boppin to Queens one Saturday. We'd love to show you Astoria and serve you a delicious lunch on our p-day! Our blog is more formal due to the nature of our calling, but you're invited to follow along as well. Thanks for all the fun!
Elder and Sister West


Alex said...

Megan, you're so lucky. That looks like tons of fun. I wish I was in NYC right now!


Alex said...

Oh by the way, I linked your blog in mine. I hope that's ok?


Kelly Simonsen said...

Get out, Chester Copperpot.

The Shark said...

Whatever you do, if you see any odd-placed strings haphazardly lying in the dirt near that statue, DON'T PULL IT!

And for heaven's sake, keep the baseball card that you find in the wallet! It's worth a fortune!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the inspiring views of the famous Flatiron building. What a treat. Learned so much as usual and enjoyed you gals immensely. Thanks for blogging!

Sarah Moore said...

I look forward to your blog every week. You two totally inspire me to move to NYC. Still working on convincing my husband--I better show him the blog!! Thanks!!

Sarah Moore

Anonymous said...

Meg- I love your blog and laugh every time I read it.

New York is fantastic! Where else can you find a lifeguard stand, apple opportunities, and Kevin wearing the Purple Hat?

PS Your cousin Jana is cute. She looks like your Aunt Sal!

Aunt Sal

MamaSeal said...

Flatiron building! Now I know what it's called. I've always seen it in movies and tv shows but never knew it's name.
Tres Leches donuts? Our neighbor would go nuts over those!
Go Goonies!

Amber said...

Can I just remind you that it's one of my lifetime goals to be a guest bee-bopper? One day hopefully I'll have the honor.
I'm jealous that the weather is amazing there - sad that the purple hats must soon go. But I vote they get replaced by purple flip-flops. You cannot bee-bop without something purple.

Unknown said...

it seems spring is in full swing in NYC....I love spring in NYC...

"Park goers can breathe easy now that a life saving ring hangs right in Union Square"..too funny..;)

Melanie said...

Um... heyah, Chester Copperpot - from Goonies. Were there any boody twaps nearby?

Love that movie.

I'll miss the purple hats when it's time to put them away... maybe you should get some purple bucket hats for summer?

Evan and Jamie said...

Hey Meg!! You are hillarious. Evan and I were talking about how much we miss you!! I am jealous that you live in NY!! You look fabulous as does Jill!! I look forward to seeing next weeks blog!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Why Chester Copperpot is our dear beloved Great Uncle! I just love that old man. He always put a smile on my face. I sure do miss him. Thanks for the great reminder of the great man and Great Uncle he was!

Jenaveve said...

Oh! Oh! Chester Copperpot - something Sean Astin rambled on about in Goonies (love that show). Lovin' that Flatiron building.