What is the deal with this?

Lets be honest. We are the truest kind of BFFs. We met at Girls' Camp 1996 in St. Lou, survived high school and 2 years as roommates at BYU. Now, we find ourselves BOTH in NYC, which rocks, and as we contemplated how we should spend quality BFF time together - the answer seemed obvious. We must beebop the boroughs in matching purple hats every Saturday morning. Holla!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

3: South Street Seaport

We moved right along to card 4 this week: South Street Seaport. It was a short one, but pleasant as always. This is Meg, by the way.

Merry Christmas!!! This is me in front of the Seaport Christmas tree. It is quite big, but not near as beautiful as the trees at Rockefeller Center and Lincoln Center. However, choir groups come to sing Christmasy songs at the South Street Seaport tree, which might mean that we will be back down there before the end of the season.

Jill is Vanna-ing the Titanic memorial (which is a lighthouse). We have found that we have a difficult time taking pics in front of memorials, seeing as their purpose is to remind us of sad, sad things. Therefore, we smile.

My attempt at looking cutsie in front of the Melville Gallery and Browne & Co. Stationers. Who knows what these things are, but they are housed in a darling building and they are important enough to make the card. We NEVER argue with the card.

Jill is looking as if she worships and reveres Carmine's restaurant. She does. There is one in the Upper West Side, and it is tasty.

BFF's at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Controposto me upholding the bridge with my stellar strenth. (the color combo of my gloves and hat reminds me of the ladies who wear all purple with a red hat) And - in case you are confused...this is not actually the real bridge but a painting on the side of a building near the real bridge. That makes it less cool.

More Brooklyn Bridge.

My Asian potential is through the roof in this picture!

A glance at Brooklyn......Enhance!

Note: the Watchtower....headquarters of Jehovah's Witness Church.

The Fulton Fish Market smelled bad enough to cause Jill to wretch.

Fish = nasty

Pier 17. I adore sailboats.

My favorite moment of our walk: this running man. We saw him on our last walk! He is intense and jogs slowly while greeting everyone he passes. He also wears a festive Santa hat and boxing gloves. Jill wanted to invite him to join us on our weekly walks, but I voted no.

In addition to the hat and gloves, he also doned really nice and strong legs.

Tugboat. TOOT TOOT! This is the W.O. Decker - one of the last steam-powered tugs built for use in NY harbor.

Me squinking at the fishermen.

I have a real problem keeping my eyes open. This boat, the Peking, is the largest sailing vessel preserved by a museum. New York never disappoints!

This is where the camera died. Luckily, we were at the end of our walk. Be excited for next week!



Anonymous said...

this is fabulous. i love it. meg, i think the only thing that would make you look more asian in that pic would be if you were doing the asian picture pose (the peace signs with both hands...i think you're probably familiar). also, great hats girls.

becca said...

whaaaaat?? you commented on my blog? you do know that means i had a source to find yours. hahahaha. evil laugh. now i know your secret blog.

Head Chef said...

I love your pictures! New York is the only place on earth I want to visit and I will probably die unfulfilled. May you post many, many more pics :) Love the hats too

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